Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I Just Took My Pants Off and Cleaned an Apt in the East Village

Welcome reader!

I tried this blog thing once before, thought it was weird and stopped.

That was a year ago. When I moved to New York City. But now...


Now I am older and wiser and feel ready to share my strange, exciting, scary, awful, treacherous, stupendous experiences with you, reader. For my first post, I decided on a catchy title as seen above. Let's start with something fun. My story...my history, herstory, what-have-you...my BIOGRAPHY shall come through in time. Be patient dear reader. Be patient.

Why did I take my pants off you make ask?

Why am I cleaning an apartment in the East Village? Your second question! Aha!

I recently started a job as a booking agent for a homespun--"mom n pop" if you will--apartment rental service in The City. With that I also do "turnovers" which is turning over apartments for the next guest...as in cleaning...as in laundry...as in...


I just cleaned the bathroom and kitchen and I took my pants off for freedom of movement and cool-factor. (Yes cool as in "one gets sweaty during physical labor and one must cool-off" and as in "fly" or "kickin.")

Oh boy. Top-10 school. Graduated with cumma laude honors. These are the days! (Don't get me wrong, its a great job, will explain why that is later. I'm very happy right now.)

Today I took my pants off, cleaned an apartment, and spent my morning among the working women of Lost Sock Laundromat folding white-white sheets and towels with my brethren. An elderly Chinese woman became my Mentor and led me to the folding table where I should spread out my large sparklin clean top sheets. The owner of the 'mat guided me through the complications of DRYING TIME. Ah. Community! My People!

I've since put my pants back on and will move on to the next step --

Get ready for it...

DUSTING AND SWEEPING! And important computer research on the side for my Assistant Directing Gig. ;)

Til Soon!